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Small Businesses Face Big Threats

Small Business, Big Threat: Protecting Small Businesses from Cyber Attacks WASHINGTON—Cybersecurity experts, small business, and financial institution leaders addressed the growing threat of cyber-crimes against American small businesses at today’s hearing entitled, “Small Business, Big Threat: Protecting Small Businesses from Cyber Attacks.” “The American government, American businesses, and Americans themselves are attacked over the Internet…

The Complete Ransomware Guide

Ransomware – malware that encrypts a victim’s data, extorting a ransom to be paid within a short time frame or risk losing all his files – has been around for quite some time. In 1989 the first known ransomware, dubbed the AIDS Trojan, infected 20,000 floppy diskettes –remember those? The diskettes supposedly contained AIDS information…

Marcel Lazăr Lehel (Guccifer)

Marcel Lazăr Lehel (born in 1971/1972[1]), known as Guccifer, is a Romanian hacker responsible for a number of high-level computer security breaches in the U.S. and Romania. Lehel targeted celebrities, Romanian and U.S. government officials, and other prominent persons. Lehel first appeared in news media in February 2013 after the website The Smoking Gun reported…