Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) is a dictionary of common names for known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. CVEs make it easier to share data across separate network security databases and tools. If a report from one security tools uses CVE Identifiers, it facilitates resolving problems found by indexing these vulnerabilities in other CVE-compatible databases.

Examples of identifiers in the CVE ID syntax are included below. There is no limit on the number of arbitrary digits. Leading 0’s will only be used in IDs 1 to 999, as shown in column one below.

IDs with 4 digits IDs with 5 digits IDs with 6 digits IDs with 7 digits
CVE-2014-0001 CVE-2014-10000 CVE-2014-100000 CVE-2014-1000000
CVE-2014-3127 CVE-2014-54321 CVE-2014-456132 CVE-2014-7654321
CVE-2014-9999 CVE-2014-99999 CVE-2014-999999 CVE-2014-9999999

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