In this network, the virtual machine is behind the host and access the network through the default connection of the host. In the network, the traffic will appear to come from the host. This means that the virtual machine should be able to access the network or internet, but it will not be able to share the resource to the network. The IP to this connection network is assigned through the DHCP server. This is the most common and default configuration for newly created virtual machines.

For most requirements the NAT mode should work for you, just as a reminder:

NAT Mode : Your host computer will act as a gateway to the network for your virtual machines. No one on your network (apart from your host) will be able to see them since they’re sitting in a separate network.


Bridged Mode : Your host computer will share its network connection with the virtual machines. They’ll be sitting as if they were another computer on your network, others on the network will see them and be able to interact with them.

Both options will give you internet access if your host computer has Internet access.