Some hackers force their way into computer simply due to curiousity or to try to obtain some money; however, there are many others who are employed in the community of intelligence.

In U.S. majority are in TAO (Tailored Access Operations) which is a special Unit for NSA. (a lot of different states possess their individual types of the unit).

In simple terms, TAO is a hackers‘ unit attempting to gain forceful entry into computers abroad and pharming is one method they can utilize. In an attack of pharming, a user is directed again to a website apart from the one he/she was attempting to go to; however, the individual is not aware of it.

For instance, TAO may replicate the website of a bank. Here, the target inputs all his/her account data and successfuly logs in. However, as this is being done, the information is seized by hackers also. Pharming may be utilized together with, or for a separate “phishing attack” normally in form of an email which appears amiable but has links to areas of high hostility.